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the future of social drinking!

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Brewed in sweden!

Locally brewed hand crafted hard seltzer
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are you a restaurant, café or nightclub and wish to order our products? Just hit the link below!


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We believe that positive energy is created

when people interact and exchange ideas.

#join lowlow

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Get to know our story

love of water

love of water

LOWLOW was created in the Swedish archipelago upon ideals of pure water. Where people are conscious of their surroundings and the choices they make. Where water makes up for such a huge part of peoples life.


We’ve always believed that we inherited one of the worlds purest sources of clean drinking water. Being brought up surrounded by it developed a feeling of connection to its’ significance, forever grateful about its’ existence and part of our life.


We wish to cherish it the way we can, through our seltzer drinks, a refreshing homage based upon our principles; our love of water.

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Soon everywhere! But for more exact locations Click the link down below and get yourself to the nearest spot! enjoy!

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wanna have a taste?

curious? So are we! let us know what you think of our drink! Order down below, enjoy it cold!

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Where to find us?
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the future of social drinking!

Soft seltzer

Our community is based on people who measure their life from the company they keep, chasing moments of pure joy. they believe that the social interaction is vital for their own wellbeing. That’s why we wanted to create a gateway for people to enjoy these moments without having to pour themselves an alcoholic beverage. 

In an environment where you are curious by nature, inclusive by heart and always thirsty to do more in life, you don’t want to be held back off the choices you make.  That is why we’ve created the Soft Seltzer. 


A brewed carbonated drink that could be the lighter alternative or the refreshing beverage that spark great energy throughout its’ sophisticated taste but also for its’ pure content. 

Oh did we mention it’s freaking delicious? 

Soft seltzer

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Be part of our community!

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We're expanding our horizon and trying to get people with visions involved! Do you want to be a part of our universe? perhaps you have the idea of our next flavor? Get in touch, don't be afraid

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