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Where it all began

Wapnö, Sweden 2020. It all started right here, yup it’s a dairy farm in the countryside. There are things you won’t be able to see from this picture such as its history, spanning all the way back to the 13-hundreds when it used to be a well that supplied the local villages with clean drinking water.

This precious well is the same water supply system that is still in use for the many purposes of this circular farm today  - among many things, the brewery!

Well that’s some impressive stuff right there!



You see, this well of fortunate water was the start of our idea. It was the foundation of what we had been looking for to create a locally produced organic sparkling water with a twist. Our Hard Seltzer is made solemnly here amongst the green lands in the south of Sweden. We are a clean and sustainable beverage company made upon a foundation that we believe in!

LowLow - Bryggeripremiär-25_edited.jpg

Sustainable choices tend to lead the way of new innovation. We wanted to create something new and sustainable, something out of the ordinary! We started experimenting with our product's composition and found something that we had not seen or tasted before!


It took us over a year to establish its body and character. Today, here we are, proud of our creation, proud of the outcome and ready to share what we have created with people thirsty for new experiences! 


making something new!


We had heard of the sparkling interest of this beverage genre in the west and seen it being spread to new countries and markets. 


We wanted to do something different and started our creation in collaboration with Wapnö Brewery to set an example of how good Hard Seltzer can taste! 

Want to give it a try, links down below

the mission

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We are Curious!

We’re curious by nature. We always want to learn more. We don’t hesitate to revis opinions and challenge common beliefs. We’re inclusive and always open for new friends, ideas and impressions.

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our perspective

We are a clean beverage company for people thirsty to do more in life! We believe that positive energy is created when people interact and exchange ideas. We are a community open for everyone with a mission, who wants more in life.


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We are Social!

Friendship is our key ingredient. We are passionate about human connections and we truly believe that when people interact and exchange ideas - magic will happen.

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We are energetic!

We love what we do and we’re full of energy. We never stand still. We’re always on the lookout for the next thing and never afraid to launch out. 

We dare to pioneer.

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Sustainable choices always lead the way. Better for health is our beacon and clean products our compass. 

We are Responsible!

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